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Personal Projects


Self hosted workout/activity tracker

This web application allows you to track your outdoor activities and keep your data on your own server.


Languages & tools: Python, Flask, Javascript, React, Redux, Leaflet, PostgresSQL, SQLAlchemy, Nginx, Docker, Travis CI

Links: SamR1/FitTrackee

FitTrackee screenshot


generate a RSS feed from Twitter or Mastodon search

My first project written in Python, twootfeed eases curation on social networks.

PyPI version Downloads

Languages & tools: Python, Flask, Twitter API, Mastodon API, PyPI, GitLab CI

Links: SamR1/python-twootfeed

twootfeed screenshot


a simple read-it later app

Initially a small project to learn Vue, rdltr is a read-it later web application: save articles for later reading.

PyPI version Downloads

Languages & tools: Python, Flask, VueJS, VueX, SQLite, SQLAlchemy, PyPI, Selenium, GitLab CI

Links: SamR1/rdltr SamR1/rdltr-addon

rdltr screenshot


LocalgHost - WatchGhost

Your invisible but loud monitoring pet

[current contributions]
Lightweight server and services monitoring tool.

PyPI version Downloads

Languages & tools: Python, aiohttp, VueJS, WebSockets, InfluxDB, GitLab CI, Selenium

Links: localg-host/watchghost

watchghost screenshot

LocalgHost - HostGhost

Simple monitoring tool

[current contributions]
Sensors monitoring and automation tool (used for DIY ยต-datacenter, to measure temperature and energy consumption)

Release version

Languages & tools: Python, aiohttp, VueJS, Chart.js, WebSockets, InfluxDB, GitLab CI, Selenium

Links: localg-host/hostghost

hostghost screenshot


Energy as a Common(s)

[past contributions]
Experimentation program about Energy management as a common.
Development of a decentralized open-source peer-to-peer exchange system proof of concept.

Languages & tools: Python, Flask, JavaScript, Flot, Ethereum (Solidity, Parity, DApps)

Links: DAISEE/Prototypes

DAISEE screenshot


Programming Languages & Frameworks
  • Python: Flask, aiohttp
  • Javascript: React, Redux, VueJS, VueX
  • Database: PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQLAlchemy